1. Projects are BAU

Projects are BAU

Projectisation is when an organisation is structured into total project-based organisation where the organisation creates and recreates new structures around the requirements of its projects based on needs, complexity and risk.

A project management enabled organisational strategy forms the basis for a major organisational and cultural change to take place, thus transforming the organisation into a project focussed organisation.

In order to be most effective, project management principles and practices must apply to all aspects of the life cycle of strategic initiatives, from the idea stage, through to scoping, investment analysis, as well as to non-traditional projects such as submissions and proposals.

One major outcome of a project management enabled strategy sees the organisation doing ‘the right projects – right‘.

It ensures that the individual project managers and their teams are developed, their corporate support systems are enhanced, thus enabling the organisation to undertake the required projects and programs that are aligned to the strategic direction determined by the organisation‘s Board in order to provide ‘strategic sustainability‘.